Tuesday, March 31, 2009

the letter Z

this week at hada's school, she is studying the letter Z. hada loves zebras and loves going to the zoo. hada wore black and white pants like a zebra to school. she made a tiger mask to wear with her friend ashley. hada always gets a good rester crayon because she lays quietly on her map. hada is learning to count to 100. she says it is very hard! hada loves to learn!!!


  1. hey hada, poppy bill is in frankfurt germany for two days. going to get sarah, drew, and jacob a post card of my visit. i'll get one for you. want one for ashley or courtney? i hope you are resting well at school. poppy bill loves y

  2. hey hada, poppy bill is in dubai for 2 days. can you find it on a map. tell sarah where i am, she already has a post card from here. i go to paris, fr on monday and will write again. tell courtney, ashley hello from poppy. i love hada, and sarah, poppy bill

  3. hello hada, poppy bill is in paris, france for the day. i'm coming to new york tonite. then after one day, back to paris. how is school? shopped for some dress up clothes for sarah, but i had no luck. just wanted to say hello and that poppy bill loves hada and sarah.