Sunday, March 22, 2009

hada and ashley's visit to target...

hada and ashley went shopping at target in germantown. they were looking for a new princess dress and cheerleading outfit. their mommies said that if they slept in their beds ALL NIGHT LONG they could pick out a new dress up outfit! they were so excited! their mommies were so happy all day long that hada and ashley slept in their beds.


  1. sarah, i forgot to thank katie for being your friend, along with ashley and courtney. hope you are having a good day. i promise to write to hada at every place i venture in the WORLD. glad hada has a blog and i will check often, love, poppy bill

  2. hello hada, poppy bill is going on a trip. to frankfurt, ge, dubai, uae,to paris, then to newark, nj, the back to paris and then home on good friday. i promise to write hada during the trip so sarah, courtney, ashely can keep up with my travels. poppy hopes they are sleeping in their own beds each nite.poppy bill loves you all. hada, ask mommy, kelly, what her deal is?